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Accessible care management for everyone

Ability to track symptoms and support medical conditions

AI - supports healthcare professionals with decision making

Smart monitoring to alert you to any warning signs

And lots more...
What are they


Very detailed care assessments can be completed within a very short amount of time, especially with the ability to see previous care needs.


Care worker

So easy to use, I can see medical conditions, histories and care plans at a glance


Head of Care Delivery

Our old assessment software could take up to 5 hours to complete. With cAir:ID this now takes a fraction of the time with the ability to update the plan and get a signature all online.


Field Assessor


Choose us?

We understand care. We provide care. We know your challenges and how to cover them.

At heart, we are still a family run business. Kind at heart, big in ambition.

We can support your business; Understanding your care requirements and business requirements equally because our background covers both of these

Care is mobile and so are we. As long as you have access to an internet connection, you can use and benefit from cAir:ID.

Plain English. We aim to be as jargon free as possible.

User led development. We learn from how you use the system and develop the features you request or we can see that you need.

Full 'stabaliser' service. We are always a phone call, email or cup of coffee away. That is the way it stays until you're fully up and running.