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Absolutely. Interoperability and common standards of health care data are important to us. In the near future, we hope that all smart devices will integrate with all health care systems in the same, consistent way but in the meantime, if there is a specific device you are keen to be integrated, please contact us.

The development of cAir:ID is driven by the needs of the user so we are always happy to receive feedback on how it can be improved. Please use our contact page to provide us any feedback.

Axela Innovations is always interested in hearing about collaboration / partnership opportunities. We are intentionally particular about who we work with, but we are open to conversations with companies from a wide variety of backgrounds.

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In the first instance, if you are using cAir:ID via a care provider of medical organisation, you should contact them. However, if you have any issues please contact us and we’ll be happy to support your request. If you are using cAir:ID directly then please contact us in order to suspend/close your account down. You can also do this if you are the responsible person or have power of attorney for the individual using cAir: ID.


Not yet although we are working on this as every health and social care technology company would tell you! However, cAir:ID and other Axela Innovation products has been used to demonstrate high quality care in real CQC Inspection settings, receiving great feedback in the process. We would be happy to discuss this with you if this is an area of interest.

We will usually publicise career opportunities on our social channels on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. However, we are always interested in speaking to talented, ambitious people who want to make a difference to health and social care. If this sounds like you, please contact us.

Axela Innovations is the technology arm of the Axela Group. Our sister companies can certainly support you if you require care services. More details can be found here.

No problem, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.